Fraud at the poker table Las Vegas revealed the conspiracy

A professional poker player has filed a federal lawsuit on his opponent for fraud during online play. Marly Cordeiro has lost a few thousand dollars.

 Pokeristka, participated in the tournament in one of the casinos in Las Vegas – Stones Gambling Hall, accused his colleague Mike Postl in fraudulent activities, during which an intruder gotten a few thousand dollars was obtained. Marly Cordeiro’s lawyer demands to compensate the lost gain. Also in the lawsuit described in detail a winning poker hand, with which she had every chance to win.

 It is known that in the Stones Gambling Hall, which was carried out of the tournament broadcast, the fraudster has access to a special device, allowing him to see the cards of their opponents. It is noted that during the game, Mike Postl is often viewed in a mobile phone, which, according to several participants, he held in his lap so that it is not noticed by others. Thus the accused watched the cards of his opponents on the table.

 By the way, the founder of the largest online poker room has surrendered to US authorities.

 The lawsuit also alleges that the poker player is assisted by the partners, to provide him with access to video surveillance. In the end, Mike Postl won the 94% held hands, which is high even for the professionals.

 Also in October 2018 the player had already been sent to the accusations by the 25 poker players who reported loss of a significant part of the money in the game specifically with Mike during the period from July to September.

 Recall millionaire poker players willingly helping victims of COVID-19.

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